ECOWAS elects Nigeria’s Bola Tinubu as its Chairman amid rising insecurity in West Africa

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has appointed Nigerian President Bola Tinubu as its new chairman. The decision was made at a crucial juncture as the region grapples with a resurgence of military coups and an upsurge in terrorism.

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Economic Community of West African States member

The region of West Africa, once touted as a beacon of burgeoning democracy, has witnessed a disturbing rise in military coups. Since 2020, the region has experienced six such seizures of power, strikingly undermining the progress made towards shedding its historical epithet of the “coup belt.”

Tinubu, the newly elected chairman, takes over the helm of ECOWAS from President Umaro Sissoco Embalo of Guinea-Bissau. In his first address on Monday, Tinubu acknowledged the severity of the security challenges and called for immediate and robust action.

“The threat to peace and security has reached an alarming level and needs urgent actions to address these challenges,” stated Tinubu. He emphasized the importance of harnessing all regional frameworks available to confront the menacing tide of insecurity sweeping across West Africa.

Presenting his vision for his tenure, Tinubu pledged to focus on fostering political stability, peace, and security across the 16-member regional bloc. In addition to these priorities, he also expressed a firm commitment to advancing regional economic integration within ECOWAS.

The election of President Tinubu to this critical role underscores the pressing need to navigate the region away from its current turbulence towards peace and stability. The challenges are daunting, but with collective will and resolute leadership, the region’s dream of a secure and prosperous future may yet be achieved.

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