Discover the perks of Qatar Airways’ Free Transit Programme

Experience the best of Qatar with Qatar Airways' Free Transit Programme. Designed to make your extended layovers in Doha more enjoyable, this programme offers passengers free hotel accommodation, transfers, entry visas, and meal vouchers.

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The Free Transit Programme is available to passengers with a transit time of anywhere between eight and 24 hours in Doha, provided they are booked for the next available flight. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the programme.

Booking: For bookings made more than 72 hours before departure, prebooking can be done online. If a booking needs to be done within 72 hours of departure, simply make your request at the transfer desk at Doha Hamad Airport upon arrival.

Eligibility: The programme is open to passengers in all classes of travel, but some fare class restrictions may apply.

Hotel Accommodation: First-class passengers receive a five-star hotel, business class passengers receive a four or five-star hotel (with a preference for five-star), and economy class passengers can enjoy a three-star hotel.

Meal Vouchers: For layovers of at least 11 hours, meal vouchers are provided. Economy passengers with a layover of 11-19 hours receive a QAR100 voucher, while premium cabin passengers receive a QAR175 voucher. For layovers of 19-24 hours, economy passengers receive a QAR175 voucher, and premium passengers receive a QAR250 voucher.

While the programme is available to passengers across all travel classes, some fare restrictions apply. Here’s a summary of the qualifying fares:

Exclusions: Saver award tickets in all classes, including “Z” fares in first class, “U” fares in business class, and “X” fares in economy class, do not qualify for the free stopover programme.

First Class: “R” and “A” fares qualify if the one-way fare is at least $400, including carrier-imposed surcharges.

Business Class: “J,” “C,” “D,” “I,” and “R” fares qualify if the one-way fare is at least $400, including carrier-imposed surcharges.

Economy Class: “N” fares and above qualify if the one-way fare is at least $400, including carrier-imposed surcharges.

Qatar Airways’ Free Transit Programme is an excellent opportunity for passengers to experience the best of Doha during their extended layovers. Make sure to check your eligibility and take advantage of this fantastic programme during your next trip with Qatar Airways.

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