Discover Qatar’s beautiful Gewan Island, a man-made paradise featuring stunning beaches and recreational activities

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With a total gross of 400,000 square meters, Gewan Island is the biggest real estate project next to The Pearl-Qatar. It is a man-made island, which gets its name from a full-round, pink-tinted flawless pearl from Qatar’s maritime past. The Gewan Island project is designed to provide an upscale, sustainable and eco-friendly environment with a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities.

The development aims to strike a balance between luxury and sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly technologies, lush landscaping, and energy-efficient design. It features a range of residential options, including villas, apartments, and townhouses, along with commercial spaces such as retail outlets, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The architectural design for the Gewan Island project is intended to be highly sustainable, incorporating energy-saving LED lights within a smart home automation system. Additional features have been incorporated to enhance lighting control capabilities within residential properties.  Buildings on the island incorporate energy conservation measures such as high levels of insulation to reduce cooling energy consumption, the use of eco-friendly district cooling technology, low water consumption plumbing fixtures, and the use of energy-efficient appliances in residential units.

The distribution of natural daylight within interior spaces is prioritised, minimising the need for artificial lighting in indoor environments. The design also focuses on efficiently managing noise transfer between spaces to ensure a comfortable living experience for residents.

The landscaping for the island project is planned to encourage biodiversity for both wildlife and plant life. The environmentally-friendly approach will be supported by the use of native and adaptive plant species. These measures will enhance the ecological and environmental significance of the island. The marine environment around Gewan Island plays a crucial and inseparable role in the island’s appeal.

Gewan Island provides a total of 657 residential units, comprising 586 flats, 21 beachfront villas with private beaches, 26 waterfront villas equipped with private pontoons for personal boats, and 6 standalone island mansions. Additionally, there are 11,000 sqm of retail spaces and 15 multi-purpose buildings. The island also boasts a golf course accompanied by a five-star hotel offering top-notch amenities and an adjoining beach club, an air-conditioned outdoor ‘Crystal Walkway’ and a coastal ‘Promenade’, parks and green spaces, as well as various leisure facilities, a clubhouse, and a mosque. The project’s built-up area (BUA) is approximately 167,802m², in addition to all Marine Works, Infrastructure, Landscaping, a 71,014 m² Basement, and a proposed Golf Course.

The Island offers an abundance of services that can be reached on foot, which reduces the reliance on vehicles and encourages healthy habits like walking and cycling. The island’s pedestrian and cycling networks are thoughtfully planned to facilitate these modes of transportation, in addition to roads that connect the island to a proposed public transportation network.

The island is divided into four districts, effectively becoming increasingly exclusive the further gets from the mainland. The zone nearest to Doha is slated to be a massive indoor theme park. The second zone is envisioned as the Island’s mixed-use destination, featuring apartments. Restaurants, cafes, boardwalk shops, and a unique promenade. The third zone is composed of beachside villas which surround an expansive central area dedicated to communal amenities and green spaces. The fourth distinct encompasses four series of private islands connected by a causeway. Each private island has its included beach made possible by rock revetments and underwater sills that disrupt erosion.

The project offers contemporary and luxurious properties that are available for purchase for investment purposes. You can buy these high-quality commercial and residential properties to own a new home on a brand-new island. For business purposes, there are specific commercial properties available too. You can purchase offices or entire buildings to cater to your business requirements. Investing in commercial properties is an excellent way to achieve a greater return on investment. The project also features top-class retail spaces, including modern shops.

Additionally, the properties are also available for lease, presenting an opportunity for rentals as well. Buying properties is an ideal way to invest, particularly in a location that attracts tourists. The area will feature grand shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants, making it an ideal location to invest in retail outlets and commercial properties.

For ongoing projects, investors are presented with enticing sales and leasing offers on finished residences in various neighbourhoods of The Pearl-Qatar, including the recently opened Giardino Gardens villa community. This includes the Crystal Walkway shopping centre and the Corinthia Gewan Island Qatar hotel, which features an attached golf course and beach club on Gewan Island.

Visit the official website to discover more about investment opportunities in Island Gewan.


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