Discover more VR games with Meta Quest+ subscription service

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In an era of virtual reality (VR) where the gamer’s appetite for exploring uncharted realms is insatiable, finding a starting point in the expansive Meta Quest catalogue can be challenging, whether you are a novice to VR gaming or a seasoned pro. Meta, understanding this plight, has unveiled its innovative Meta Quest+, a unique VR subscription service that amalgamates convenience with carefully selected VR content.

For a mere $7.99 USD monthly or $59.99 USD annually, subscribers will gain access to two meticulously chosen VR titles each month. For those eager to seize this offer, signing up before July 31 will ensure their first month’s subscription is only $1 USD*.

The service promises an exhilarating blend of VR’s greatest hits, undiscovered treasures, and beloved classics from the back-catalogue. This innovative service offers the most cost-effective method to expand your library with quality content. Subscribers are gifted two titles at the start of each month, which they can download, revel in, and master at their leisure.

The inaugural month’s titles are Cloudhead Games’ exhilarating physical action-rhythm first-person shooter (FPS) Pistol Whip, and the arcade adventure infused with a dose of nostalgia, Pixel Ripped 1995 from ARVORE Immersive Experiences. August promises to be just as exciting with Mighty Coconut’s Walkabout Mini Golf offering a unique social VR experience, coupled with MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE’s frantic weapon-crafting and shooter action from Terrible Posture Games.

Meta Quest+ subscribers will retain each title for as long as their subscription lasts, amassing significant value over time. The flexibility of the service allows cancellation at any time, and should a subscriber rejoin later, they will regain access to all of the titles from their original paid subscription period.

The service is currently available for all owners of Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets and will be compatible with Quest 3 in the future. Taking a page from the past, subscription services, a value-for-money concept popular since the Blockbuster era, have been harnessed to offer Meta Quest+ users a curated experience combined with affordability.

Meta Quest+ is available exclusively on the Meta Quest Store. Subscribe now to secure your introductory offer of $1 USD for the first month, followed by $7.99 USD per month. For the best value, upgrade to the annual subscription at $59.99 USD. For full subscription terms, visit:

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