Chinese firm acquires tech for flying car

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A Chinese firm has recently purchased the technology behind a flying car that was originally developed and successfully test-flown in Europe. The AirCar, powered by a BMW engine and normal fuel, made headlines in 2021 when it flew 35 minutes between two Slovakian airports, using runways for take-off and landing. The impressive transformation from car to aircraft took just over two minutes.

Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company, based in Cangzhou, has acquired exclusive rights to manufacture and use AirCar aircraft within a specific geographical region in China. According to Anton Zajac, cofounder of KleinVision, the company behind AirCar, this acquisition comes after the firm established its own airport and flight school following a previous acquisition from a Slovak aircraft manufacturer.

China, known for leading the way in the electric vehicle revolution, has shifted its focus to developing flying transport solutions. Recently, a company called Autoflight conducted a successful test flight of a passenger-carrying drone between the cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai. The journey, which typically takes three hours by car, was completed in just 20 minutes, although the aircraft did not carry any passengers.

While flying cars like the AirCar may seem like an exciting advancement in transport technology, significant challenges remain, such as infrastructure, regulation, and public acceptance.

The exact financial details of the technology sale were not disclosed. AirCar received a certificate of airworthiness from the Slovak Transport Authority in 2022 and gained attention after being featured in a video posted by YouTuber Mr Beast earlier this year.

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