China’s-visa-free travel policy kick starts on December 1st, aims to boost tourism

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FILE PHOTO: Travellers walk past an installation in the shape of five stars, at Beijing Daxing International Airport in Beijing, China April 24, 2023. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang/file photo

China’s anticipated visa free travel policy is all set to commence on December 1st promising a convenient and streamlined experience for travelers. This policy covers countries in Europe such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia.

During a press briefing Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for Chinas ministry expressed the governments dedication to facilitating cross border travel. As part of their efforts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to adjust visa policies to create favorable conditions for international tourists.

Immigration data has already shown a response to this policy. In the three days of December, around 7,000 out of nearly 18,000 travelers from these covered countries have entered China. This surge in arrivals has resulted in a 39% increase in the daily number of tourists compared to the last day of November.

The German ambassador in China expressed optimism and his hope that China would extend these measures to include all members of the European Union.

The visa free travel initiative aims not to simplify entry procedures but to enhance tourism and foster stronger connections between China and participating nations. As excitement grows around this policy implementation, the global community is keeping an eye on how it will influence global travel dynamics.

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