Chad roundup: referendum, bilateral tensions, government appointments

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Referendum held

A referendum on a new constitution held by Chadians on Sunday December 17 was marred by irregularities in certain municipalities of the capital. According to news outlet Le Pays, there was lack of enthusiasm as most voters stayed home. There were however no acts of violence recorded. According to the national commission (Conorec), 2,586 polling stations were expected to be put up in the 10 districts of N’Djamena but there were fewer stations.

Litres of fuel seized

Some 25 litres of fuel has been seized in Balimba, a sub-prefecture of the Moyen-Chari Region located in the South of Chad. The fuel was seized during an operation initiated by the Governor of the Moyen Chari province, Ousmane Brahim Djouma. This forms part of efforts to protect citizens against fraud and financial exploitation linked to the price of fuel in the region. 440 containers of 25 litres and 8 barrels containing fuel were discovered in the backyard of a restaurant called “La Paix” located in Mabrouka in the province of Middle Chari, local news outlet Journal du Tchad reported.

Government appointments

A new Director of Protocol has been appointed for the Prime Minister of Chad, Saleh Kebzabo. The Prime Minister’s office took note of the resignation of Hassana Djidda Abdoulaye and has therefore appointed Djibrine Moussa Mahamat as his replacement. The appointment was announced by the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday, December 18, according to Al Widha.

Bilateral tensions

The Chadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chadians Abroad and International Cooperation has declared four Sudanese diplomats as persona non-grata. The Ambassador of Sudan to Chad, Osman Mohamed Younis was informed on December 16 of the government’s decision, Le Pays reported. The four, Mukhtar Bilal Abdelsalam El-Abass, First Advisor; Abdel-Rahim El-AWAD Eltoum, Military Attaché; El-Hag Abdalla El-Hag Ahmed, Consul in N’Djamena and Mohamed El-Hag Bakhit Farah, Deputy Consul General based in Abeché were asked to leave Chad after controversial remarks by Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces General Yasser Al-Atah, accusing Chad of interfering in inter-Sudanese conflict.

Justice preached to Chadians

Bishops of Episcopal Conference of Chat (CET) have urged Christians in the country to walk in justice. Following a plenary assembly organised by the group, they called on the Christian body to be ‘true artisans of justice and peace’. “Living together in our country is often undermined by the lack of justice,” denounced the bishops. For the CET, walking together as one people in justice “requires a culture of equality for all and respect for human rights”,  Al Widha reported.

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