Celebrating inclusive sports: Qader Award 2023-24 applications commence

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disabled player in a wheelchair on a stadium

he Qader Award is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that community members can partake in the programme regardless of their financial circumstances. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to enrol in one of Qatar Foundation’s accessible sports programmes via the Ability Friendly Sports Programme for an entire academic year, completely free of charge.

The Ability Friendly Programme is an initiative fostering the inclusion of individuals of all abilities in sporting and developmental pursuits. Over time, the programme – encompassing football and swimming for individuals with specific needs and disabilities – has facilitated life-altering experiences and opportunities for numerous children, adults, and their families. Qader Award winners will be granted enrolment in either sport for an entire academic year, free of charge.

Eligibility for the Qader Award in the 2023-24 academic year is extended to persons with disabilities who wish to participate in these empowering activities and fulfil eligibility criteria. The applicants or a family member need to have special needs or disabilities, reside in Qatar, and be aged four years or above for swimming and five years or above for football. The previous removal from the award disqualifies applicants.

The esteemed Qader Award enters its fourth application cycle, concluding on April 5th, 2023.

All applications must be submitted online accompanied by the necessary supporting documents. Incomplete applications or those submitted via email will not be considered.

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