Approximately 30 belgian schools closed due to bomb threat

A lonely school building, serving as a reminder of the terror that has consumed a community when approximately 30 schools had to shut down because of a bomb scare.

As a precautionary measure following the receipt of a bomb threat late on Sunday evening, about 30 schools in Brussels and the Brabant region of Belgium closed on Monday. The decision to close these 27 schools was made by the Wallonie Bruxelles Enseignement administration body, prioritizing the safety and well being of students and staff.

The WBE maintains contact with authorities and carefully assesses the situation. The police are thoroughly inspecting institutions continuously re-evaluating throughout the day. Several locations have already been checked and others are currently undergoing verification. According to Cécile Marquette, Deputy Director General of the WBE, this measure is in line with established principles.

Despite warnings that have raised concerns but not caused panic in weeks, there is a strong possibility that institutions will reopen on Tuesday. While schools closed on Monday there is optimism for classes to resume swiftly. Parents have been informed to keep their children at home on Monday in anticipation of a reopening on Tuesday.

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