Apple’s App Store changes due to the legal battle with Epic Games

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Epic Games vs Apple

Apple has made changes to its U.S. App Store as a result of the long-running legal battle with Epic Games.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up appeals on the case, signaling the end of the legal saga and allowing earlier decisions to take effect.

As part of the changes, Apple will now allow app developers selling to U.S. customers to include links and buttons in their apps that redirect users to a website where they can enter their credit card information. Previously, this was prohibited, and developers were required to use Apple’s billing system. However, Apple now mandates that companies using their own billing system must also offer Apple’s as an option.

Apple will collect a commission, up to 27%, from apps that handle their own billing.

The changes are a result of Epic Games’ legal challenge but fall short of what the company’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, had hoped for.

Apple’s policies in the U.S. regarding billing are similar to how the company operates in the Netherlands and South Korea. Apple will inform users through a pop-up screen about the risks associated with leaving the Apple ecosystem and purchasing goods from external websites.

In an email to developers, Apple warned that implementing their own billing system could create logistical issues and that Apple would not be responsible for addressing customer concerns.

Apple has also introduced a rule that allows iPhone app developers to email their customers with alternative purchasing methods as part of a separate class-action lawsuit.

Epic Games plans to challenge Apple’s compliance plan in district court.

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