Algeria surpasses US and Russia to dominate Spanish gas market

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Algeria secured its position as the leading gas exporter to Spain in 2023, claiming a share of 29.3% of all Spanish natural gas imports, despite a prolonged diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

The diplomatic standoff began in March 2022 over Spain's support for the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara, leading to the recall of the Algerian ambassador to Spain and a freeze on the friendship treaty with Spain.

However, Algeria managed to sustain its role as a key supplier of gas in the Spanish market, Algerie Focus reported.

In the Spanish gas market, Algeria surpassed major competitors like the United States and Russia. Algeria exported 94.9 terawatt hours (TWh) of natural gas through the Medgaz pipeline in 2023, solidifying its leadership position.

The United States maintained its standing as the second-largest gas supplier to Spain, claiming a 21.1% market share, while Russia increased its gas exports to Spain, securing an 18.3% market share.

Data from Spanish gas network operator Enagás further indicates that the country’s imports of natural gas and liquefied gas experienced a significant decline in 2023, dropping from 446.6 TWh in 2022 to 398.0 TWh in 2023. This overall decrease was attributed to reduced demand, shifts in the energy mix, and environmental considerations.

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