A look at Latin America’s top overseas spenders

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As travel recovers, following the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic these insights reveal the overseas spending habits of Latin America’s top spenders.

Whether travelling on a budget or indulging in luxury, Latin Americans also like to travel and experience life overseas.

According to 2022 data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), analysed by Merchant Machine, a UK-based payment guide website, certain Latin American countries stand out for their high overseas spending.

Here are the top five biggest spenders from Latin America:

  • Leading the pack, Brazilian travellers spend an average of $1,719. This makes Brazil the top spender not only in Latin America but also in South America.
  • Dominican Republican travellers rank second in Latin America and North America, just behind the United States, with an average spending of $1,306.
  • With an average expenditure of $1,170, Panamanian travellers come in third among Latin American countries and also in North America.
  • Peruvian travellers rank fourth in Latin America and second in South America, spending an average of $1,107.
  • Rounding out the top five, Argentine travellers spend an average of $1,082, placing them third in South America.

Latin America's biggest overseas spenders are Brazillians, while South Korea tops Asia and is ranked second in the world. Moroccans top the list in Africa.

Merchant Machine's analysis utilised UNWTO data, examining the total outbound expenditure for 94 nations and dividing it by the total number of departures, reported as "overnight visitors" by some countries.

Brazilians, the top spenders in all of Latin America like to travel to some of the most expensive locations in the world. According to the report, Europe is a frequent stop for most Brazilian vacationers and also in 2013, New York is said to have seen a surge in “big-spending” Brazilian tourists.

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