8 Times Archaeologists Have Made Exceptional Discoveries Around the World

A laundry shop, the Fullonica of Stephanus, found in Pompeii. Photo from the Pompeii Archaeological Park

Archaeology is one of the most precious ways of travelling back to times past and exploring how our ancestors used to live. There is always something exceptional and unexpected from these discoveries and 2023 was one of the years various historical sites and artefacts were unearthed. This article is here to remind you about 8 incredible archaeological findings from last year.

Roman domus unearthed in Rome

Archaeologists in December 2023 discovered an over 2,000-year-old Roman home believed to have belonged to a victorious ancient warrior. Unearthed near the Colosseum in Rome, the walls of the house were seen in 2018 and only after more research and digging were the insides of the Domus revealed in 2023. Although the full building is not in the public eye, the ancient Roman domus boasts luxury and splendid tapestry.

Oldest ship burial found in Norway

The oldest ship burial in the Scandinavia region was unearthed by archaeologists in December 2023. Discovered in the Herlaugshagen burial mound at Leka in the northern part of Trøndelag County of Norway, the ship burial is said to predate the Viking Age. The mound the 1,300-year-old burial ship was found in was constructed in approximately 700 CE.

Mummies of children found in Peru

Four mummies of children were dug out in Peru last year. The actions brought the human race closer to the history of the Inca Empire. Archaeologists revealed that the 1000-year-old mummies belonged to the pre-Inca Ychsma culture that inhabited the central coast of Peru from approximately 900 to 1450 AD.

Skeletons buried in luxurious tombs unearthed in Rome

ancient city of Tarquinia, north of Rome, revealed 67 ancient skeletons buried in 57 ornate tombs during the period of the Necropolis in Rome. This was discovered by workers who had been digging the site for about two years to install solar plants around Rome. CNN reports that several skeletons found were clad in golden jewelry and expensive leather footwear and alleged to date between the second and fourth centuries.

Ancient ‘dry cleaners’ shop uncovered in Rome

Archaeologists revealed an ancient laundry shop (Fullonica of Stephanus) during excavation around Insula 10 of Regio IX along Via di Nola in Pompeii. Just like modern-day laundry shops, ancient people were paid to wash the clothes of others. According to the Pompeii Archaeological Park, both human and animal urine were used as detergents for the clothes due to the unavailability of soap.

Party hall for emperors and knights in Naples

Archaeologists from the Oriental University of Naples in February 2023 discovered a famous hall where Roman emperors and knights used to party. The hall was discovered in a 2000-year-old imperial villa that used to belong to the first Roman emperor, Augustus in the Pausilypon archaeological site.

Roman building complex excavated in Switzerland

Archaeologists saw bricks popping out of a forest floor and thought that was all, only to discover a full building complex after further digging. According to a press release announcing the finding, the complex was described as the first time in 100 years such an excavation was being made. The building complex unearthed in Zug dates back to around 2,000 years. It is, however, uncertain what the building was used for in the ancient days.

Ancient ‘fridge’ dug up in Bulgaria

Bulgaria had one of the most intriguing archaeological finds in 2023. An old ‘fridge’ which still had animal bones, wine and dish fragments was unearthed. Archaeologists discovered this when they were excavating the ruins of an ancient military camp, Novae (Roman-era military fortress). Other discoveries made were storage units made with ceramic plates. It is, however, unclear how old the artefacts are.

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