Welcome to Qonversations and the first episode of our series about top 10 festivals held in Qatar.
Today, we’ll be showcasing the first 3 must-visit festivals that will bring you closer to Qatar’s rich culture and customs.

The first on our list is the Aspire International Kite Festival.
Every March, the sky over Aspire Park in Doha hosts the spectacle of colorful kites swooping through the air, handled by talented kite flyers from around the world. During this 3-day festival, visitors can see kites crafted in traditional designs and the best part is that it is open for everyone to try their luck and enjoy this colorful experience.

It gets even more fun with the next one – The Al-Shahaniya Camel Racing festival!
The blend of tradition and modern technology made fiercely competitive Camel racing very popular in Qatar. Races are held every Friday from October to February, with main competitions in March and April. Only an hour of drive from Doha, a visit to Al Shahaniya is a must even outside of competitions, because it offers a unique opportunity to admire the best groomed and some of the most expensive camels in the world.

Less competitive but equally fun is the Qatar International Art Festival!
The 6-day long festival is held in late October or early November in Doha and offers a showcase of creativity from artists from all corners of the world. Enjoy eye-catching works of art and connect with more than 200 artists through workshops and panel discussions.
The festival takes place at Katara Cultural Village, which is a complex of unique buildings that celebrate Qatar’s rich cultural heritage.

We hope you enjoyed exploring Qatar’s fun festival side! Like, share, and subscribe to stay tuned for part 2 in which we will explore another 3 must-visit festivals in Qatar. See you soon!

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