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ASEAN celebrates its 56th anniversary from its headquarters in Jakarta to across the globe

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The China-LAC Technology Transfer Centre opens in Dongguan, strengthening South-South Cooperation and innovation

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India supplies 1.8 million tonnes of wheat to 18 nations amid global food crisis

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Advancing recovery and a sustainable future through South-South Cooperation: A UN perspective


A green industrial revolution in Africa: South-South Cooperation takes centre stage

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Brazil’s President Lula prepares to tour Africa and resume South-South Cooperation

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Vietnam hosts Ministerial meeting boosting South-South Cooperation in food systems transformation

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Satellite technology boosts agricultural resilience in Nigeria and Mauritius

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South Korea and Japan renew ties in bilateral meeting

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Briefing on the Global South and South-South Cooperation

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Strengthening Small Island Developing States: New $5mn South-South Cooperation (SSC) Programme boosts resilience and sustainability

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South-South Cooperation intensifies as data on trade with Africa highlights

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