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Botswana sprinter sets new 300m race world record

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How to combat deceptive AI in 2024 elections, Mongolian ex-minister recommends

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Navalny’s death: A familiar story of Putin’s foes

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Navalny’s death: A familiar story of Putin’s foes

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Former Twitter Ghana staff receive compensation after year-long dismissal

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Nigeria expresses willingness to host African Central Bank by 2028

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Foreign capital investments in Nigeria surge by 66% in Q4 2023

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17-year-old makes history with IQ higher than Einstein’s, Hawking’s

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Kenyan achieves longest science lesson record

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Navalny’s death: A familiar story of Putin’s foes

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Sub-Saharan Africa faces democratic reversals: report

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African economic growth dips from 4.1% to 3.2% in 2023, projected to recover

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Uganda takes climate action with $400m green hydrogen fertiliser plant deal

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Seychelles researchers dive 4,600 metres deep, make historic ocean discovery

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Zambian is most expensive women’s footballer in history after $860,000 transfer record

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Kenyans tackle Ruto after claims of 23,000 Apple jobs for citizens

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China proposes $1 billion investment in Tanzania-Zambia mineral route

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