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World’s most surprising city layouts

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Sports nonprofit tackles gender-based violence in Kenya by engaging girls and boys

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A look at Latin America’s top overseas spenders

South Korea Birth rate scaled

South Korea: younger girls and older boys = increased birth rate?

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Modi wins but loses majority: How will this shape his 3rd term?

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The Indian elections: a summary

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Russia and China join forces: how scared should you be?

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Did you know how tall new wind turbines are?

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Africa possesses immense potential in oil and gas sector, energy expert says

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Uganda crowned best investment destination in Africa

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East African nations collaborate for transformative railway project

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Africa possesses immense potential in oil and gas sector, energy expert says

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Niger enters African oil club with historic first export to China

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Top 5 cocoa-producing countries in the world

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Japan captures world’s first close-up photo of space debris in orbit

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Indonesia set to launch Southeast Asia’s largest EV battery factory in June 2024

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Journey of the first black woman to earn a PhD in Cybernetics

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